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No voicemail jail when you call Demand Solutions customer support

Don't you hate automated operators when you're trying to get customer support? Demand Solutions does too. That's why our support staff always answers the call or responds to voicemail messages within 24 hours.

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Demand Solutions vs. bolt-on ERP package

Cardinal Health chose Demand Solutions supply chain planning software because it was specifically architected for forecasting customer demand and optimizing inventory replenishment - unlike bolt-on ERP modules that do not have as much functionality.

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S&OP tips - trust your data

S&OP expert at SGS Tools thinks that data integrity is a major determinant of an S&OP process. Also, getting executive buy-in, or a top-down process is important.

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Manufacturer overcomes business challenges With Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning

Global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrications system counts on Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning and Forecast Management software to increase customer satisfaction and eliminate excess inventory.

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S&OP tip - make nice with your data guru

SKF has been using Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning software to execute its monthly S&OP process. It credits its S&OP success to the open communication among its internal departments - specifically its data management team and to Demand Solutions easy-to-use software.

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Spreadsheets cause S&OP inaccuracies

SKF uses Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning software to execute its monthly S&OP process. The benefits of using Demand Solutions over Excel spreadsheets are that Demand Solutions eliminates inaccuracies/risks and provides a repeatable method of executing the process each month.

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Floral products company handles retail variability with Demand Solutions

With the help of Demand Solutions supply chain planning software, Teters Floral Products is able to handle multiple retail programs. The company benefits from Demand Solutions' solid reputation of delivering increased forecast accuracy, inventory optimization and reduced stock outs so retailers don't have to worry about jeopardizing customer service levels.

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Beverage distributor cuts inventory levels in half with Demand Solutions

Afraid to run out of product, Xango consistently kept 12 weeks' worth of safety stock at all times prior to implementing Demand Solutions. Since using Demand Solutions, the distributor has slashed its safety stock levels and inventory in half - freeing up working capital.

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Easy-to-use supply chain planning software increases efficiency and accuracy at beverage company

A major advantage of planning with Demand Solutions is that it increases a forecaster's efficiency. Employees of small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) are often multi-taskers, and therefore need to automate processes. Beverage company Xango is able to forecast its customer demand and plan its inventory in half the time with the help of Demand Solutions.

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Demand Solutions is pharmaceutical company's competitive advantage - allowing them to broaden market space

Teleflex Medical credits Demand Solutions as its competitive advantage because the supply chain planning software has given the company visibility into potential risks and opportunities. The user-friendly software makes it easy for end users to share information with multiple departments.

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Demand Solutions import/export functionality makes reporting more efficient and allows it to integrate to any ERP system

Beverage company Xango appreciates Demand Solutions ease of use, especially when it comes to reporting capabilities. Unlike other software that requires users to jump through hoops just to get a report, Demand Solutions makes it easy - therefore, users can get their jobs done more efficiently.

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Demand Solutions S&OP vs. the competition

SKF chose Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning software over the competition because of its accurate reporting methods and interactive functionality. The global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems has been able to increase inventory mix and eliminate stock outs with Demand Solutions.

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Executives can make more informed decisions with Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning

Trusted tool manufacter SGS Tools uses Demand Solutions S&OP software to support its monthly S&OP process. In using a reliable system, the company's executive management are able to make more informed decisions that lead to increased profits.

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SKF reduces its customers' inventory with the help of Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning

The global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems uses Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning to align its supply and demand streams. A pleasant surprise for the company has been reducing its customers' inventory by helping them with their order books.

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Demand Solutions web-based solutions heighten collaboration for tool manufacturer

SGS Tools uses Demand Solutions supply chain planning software to increase collaboration among its trading partners, which in turn, increases its forecast accuracy. The company likes Demand Solutions new, mobile capabilities such as Mobile Pipeline because it encourages salespeople to update the forecast no matter where they are from their smartphone or PDA.

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Company manages long lead times with ease

Managing  lead times and inventory from multiple vendors is less complex for Cardinal Health because of Demand Solutions supply chain planning software. The global healthcare company relies on Demand Solutions Requirements Planning to keep its inventory levels within budget.

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Fill rates soar at tool manufacturer with the help of Demand Solutions

Demand Solutions Requirements Planning manages SGS Tool's inventory at just the right levels - just enough to satisfy customer demand and not enough to incur unnecessary carrying cost fees. The company's customer service fill rates increased from 88% to 95% with the help of Demand Solutions.

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Demand Solutions training is thorough and insightful

New Demand Solutions users often comment on how easy the software is to learn - even without training. Attending training is always a good idea though to become skilled at advanced functionality to help you do your job better and more efficiently.

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Customer service levels reach new heights with Demand Solutions

The primary benefit that Steinhafels Furniture receives from Demand Solutions is its ability to serve its customers. Before implementing the supply chain planning software, the company's service levels were low. Now with Demand Solutions, service levels have soared to the mid-90% range.

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Supply chain management director at Steinhafels furniture discusses how Demand Solutions supply chain management software supports that challenge.

Some of Steinhafels Furniture's vendors require the company to purchase in cubes, units, dollars, etc. and the retailer can handle these multiple units of measure because of Demand Solutions supply chain planning software.

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Demand Solutions helps Terumo get to the heart of product seasonality and reduce its inventory by 37%

Saving millions with Demand Solutions was relatively easy for the company to do when it learned its medical devices were highly seasonal due to the cyclical nature of surgeries. Along with the reduction in inventory, Demand Solutions enabled the company to increase fill rates and reduce back orders and obsolete inventory.

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Forecasting is #1 for Demand Solutions

Teters Floral Products supplies artificial floral designs to major retailers around the country. Forecast accuracy is its number one priority. That's why the company chose Demand Solutions Forecast Management, because of its 24-year reputation of demand forecasting.

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Increased forecast accuracy creates ripple effect of benefits at Ames True Temper

Lawn and garden tool manufacturer Ames True Temper is able to reduce inventories and steadily improve its customer service thanks to increased forecast accuracy with Demand Solutions Forecast Management.

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Demand Solutions enables medical manufacturer to increases forecast accuracy by 20%

Increasing the material/SKU level forecast accuracy from 50% to above 70% was relatively easy for Teleflex Medical to do with Demand Solutions Forecast Management.

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Beverage company manages long lead times and reduces inventory with Demand Solutions Requirements Planning

With inventory all over the world, beverage company Xango manages it at the lowest possible levels with Demand Solutions Requirements Planning. The planning tool helps the company avoid airfreight charges and obsolescence, which is an important cost savings for all small and midsized businesses.

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Medical garment manufacturer saves $1 million in inventory costs

In one fiscal year, Encompass Group increased inventory turns by 20%, decreased inventory levels by 10% and increased global fill rates from 92% to 97% with Demand Solutions supply chain planning software.

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Ames True Temper trims its inventory by 20% in one year with Demand Solutions software

The lawn and garden tool manufacturer not only reduced its inventory through increased forecast accuracy, but also plans its budgeting process with Demand Solutions powerful functionality specifically architected for small and midsized businesses.

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