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Sales & Operations Planning

Sales & Operations Planning: Integrate Your Process to Drive Production and Sales

Enhance your sales and operations planning (S&OP) process in ways that help you manage profitability and risk. Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning is a flexible, customizable system that transforms the process from a data collection task into a dynamic activity that drives production and sales. When you combine demand planning and S&OP into an integrated business planning (IBP) approach, your executives can spend less time reacting to problems and more time managing opportunities. They can also use built-in social collaboration capabilities to share S&OP information in real time — without needing to schedule additional meetings.

Our predictive lead time module and business intelligence functionality give you even greater decision support as you strive to enhance the overall health of your business. And because the Demand Solutions platform is now available as a cloud-based solution, you can get powerful S&OP functionality without making an up-front investment in software licenses and implementation.

Tailor Your Software to Your S&OP or IBP Process

Nowadays, there are many stakeholders who need to stay involved in demand planning decision making. But most planning tools follow strict methodologies that make the S&OP or integrated business planning process unnecessarily complicated. Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning is flexible enough to adapt to your management preferences.

With Sales & Operations Planning:

  • You can customize rows to meet your specific requirements; the standard configuration includes Sales, Production and Inventory comparisons with Last Year, Budget and Latest Estimate, so gaps, deviations and trends can be readily identified
  • You can configure the system to provide executive information at whatever product-family or business levels of detail your management team needs

Create Dynamic Business Plans for Greater Precision

Most companies create an annual plan — but then rarely revisit it. Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning adds value to this process by enabling you to create annual fiscal business plans that are dynamic and easy to change mid-course. You can look at best- and worst-case forecasts (or any level in between) as you build strategies and contingencies that will allow you to change your behavior as hard sales numbers become available. You can also run "what-if" scenarios based on any assumptions you specify.

With Sales & Operations Planning, you can:

  • Establish volume balance by product families
  • Tie volume to mix inside the planning parameter
  • Integrate operational plans with financial plans
  • Set appropriate policy and inventory planning strategy
  • Optimize inventory

Spot Gaps as You Drive Your Business Forward

Every good S&OP process begins with good forecast management. Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning establishes a common repository of necessary information for the planning process, including forecast management data, inventory planning information, shipments and production. The system allows you to combine data from sales, marketing, production, procurement, transportation and finance for a unified view. You can eliminate dueling spreadsheets by working from a single set of numbers for truly integrated business planning.

With Sales & Operations Planning, you can see exceptions between your business plan and the plans dynamically generated in the planning tool. The exception alerts are color coded so you can easily spot problems. A robust search capability allows you to identify, by exception, the families or business units in which user-defined levels of deviations are occurring.

Find Answers with What-If Scenarios

What would be the effect of an economic downturn on your business? What would be the impact if you closed or lost a plant? If you added a new sales territory?

In Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning, you can run what-if scenarios to find the answers, and then make and save changes to your planning assumptions in the existing plan. The solution is fully integrated with Demand Solutions Forecast Management and Demand Solutions Requirements Planning, and imports data through the Forecast Management database. The user-defined Import/Export utility makes it easy to interface directly with other business systems. With these powerful features at your fingertips, you can begin to run the sophisticated scenarios that are an essential part of integrated business planning.

As you work with Sales & Operations Planning, you may review and adjust data on the screen or in graphical or printed formats. The solution's powerful what-if capabilities allow your management to simulate new business scenarios and to quantify their impact on production, inventory and backlog. Year-end projections are continuously updated to help you focus on fiscal year performance. You can save and refresh custom views as new data becomes available, and can record and incorporate assumptions within a notepad for future reference.

If you want to create a sound supply chain management strategy to mitigate risks, improve your inventory planning methods, and increase your overall profitability, Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning is the answer. To learn more, visit our customer videos page.

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