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Supply Chain Workflow

Gain Greater Control over Processes with Powerful Supply Chain Workflow Software

No two business processes are exactly alike. You need your supply chain planning solution to reflect the unique steps, dependencies and approvals in your workflows. That's why Demand Solutions DSX delivers robust supply chain workflow capabilities. These features go far beyond simple email to let you configure your exact processes by user and role.

Keep Processes Moving Forward

Most supply chain planning solutions offer minimal workflow features that let you do little more than email an alert to a colleague from within the application. Email-based workflow typically fails to maximize productivity because it relies on your people to remain available and responsive to keep business processes moving.

Demand Solution DSX's supply chain workflow capabilities take into account the fact that key employees are sometimes unavailable even as the most important tasks and decisions are taking place. These workflow features are based on a sophisticated scheduling system with a user interface. As a result, you can configure consistent, disciplined processes that reflect the way you actually do business.

Use Exceptions and Escalations to Prevent Delays

You can define your exact business processes within Demand Solutions DSX as you implement the system. The platform allows you to segment users by person or by role. This gives you the flexibility to assign tasks to specific employees, or to titles such as Expediter, Analyst or Buyer, as the situation dictates. From that point on, you can use Demand Solutions' scheduling system and intuitive interface to build robust workflows.

Demand Solutions DSX allows you to:

  • Schedule recurring workflows for tasks that run at specific days and times
  • Configure precise exceptions that move and queue messages to the right person and role in any situation; when someone is unavailable, you can configure the system to send a message to a designee, to another person in the same role, or to a manager
  • Use escalations to specify what should happen if a certain task isn't completed within a required timeframe
  • Send notifications by email or text message.

As your company works, your supply chain workflow will run in the background at all times to make sure your most critical tasks are completed on time, every time.

Get the Microsoft Platform Ready Advantage

When you choose Demand Solutions DSX, you can benefit from a highly reliable Microsoft workflow technology stack based on the latest .NET standards. Demand Solutions' workflow technology runs on a trusted Microsoft workflow engine. The entire solution has been certified as Microsoft Platform Ready.

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In an age of thin margins and fast-paced transactions, Demand Solutions DSX's SCM workflow capabilities help you build discipline into your business processes. They also make it easier for your company to transfer knowledge to new employees as you grow. If you're ready to gain greater control over your business processes through robust workflow technology, call Demand Management today at 800-886-3737 to learn more.

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