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Demand Planning: A New Approach for Constant Improvement


Ask most supply chain professionals how they handle demand planning, and they’ll probably describe how they extract sales data from their ERP system, upload it into their planning tool, and generate a demand plan based on that data. This is a simple, straightforward approach—but it’s also ineffective. Sales data may not be an accurate reflection of demand.

No matter how carefully your company plans its supplies, inventory, and production, you’ve probably experienced stock-outs from time to time. When you’re out of stock, you must notify customers that there will be a delay in shipment and then work hard to fill the order as quickly as possible. Only when you’ve actually shipped the product will you bill the customer. From a demand planning perspective, that’s where the problem lies.

Your ERP system will record the sale on the date that you shipped back-ordered products to customers. Next year, when you go to generate a demand plan for the months ahead, you’ll see a lull in demand during the time when customers ordered out-of-stock products and a spike around the date that you actually shipped them. Based on this data, you’ll probably order more supplies to arrive just ahead of the spike—but that’s too late. You’ll still be unprepared to deal with the true customer demand that comes ahead of that spike.

In other words, by doing your demand planning based on sales data, you’re setting up your organization to perpetuate the mistakes of last year, rather than learning from your mistakes, building on your successes—and extending your competitive advantage. To make demand planning an ever-improving process, you need a solution that gives you a true, clear picture of demand. That’s exactly what Demand Solutions delivers.

The Benefits of a Complete Demand Planning Platform

Demand Solutions offers demand planning software that lets you go beyond spreadsheets to gain 360-degree visibility into all aspects of your business. With Demand Solutions, you can:

  • Plan your inventory based on hard data, not best guesses. 
  • Manage new product launches objectively.
  • Keep a real-time dashboard view of fluctuations in demand and supply. 
  • Establish a free flow of data in and out of your ERP systems. 
  • Share forecasts with all stakeholders through social collaboration functionality.

Most importantly, Demand Solutions gives you the flexibility to manipulate your raw data before you use it. That way, you can inject your real-world supply chain experience into every forecast and generate supply chain plans that reflect the true story behind the numbers.

Don’t settle for spreadsheets. Find out more about Demand Solutions’ demand planning software today.

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