Demand Optimization

Demand planning was just the beginning. Aim for demand optimization.

It used to be enough to aim for high forecast accuracy. But today’s most competitive manufacturers and distributors are thinking beyond simple demand planning and embracing demand optimization. This means generating the right information so that your supply, manufacturing, and production teams can work more efficiently to ensure high levels of customer service. It means sharing meaningful demand forecasting and inventory forecasting data with your executives so that they can see the impact of every tradeoff you’ve made as you’ve balanced high service levels with low costs.

Demand Solutions DSX delivers the powerful demand planning and inventory planning functionality you need to increase your visibility into all supply chain processes. Its native business intelligence helps you make better decisions by giving you insights and analysis on the overall health of your business.

Within Demand Solutions DSX, you can easily share your demand forecasting work with all your stakeholders.

And because Demand Solutions DSX runs in the cloud, you can get powerful forecast management functionality without making an up-front investment in software licenses and implementation.

Boost the Productivity of Your Planners

With Demand Solutions DSX, your planners can see information at exactly the right level of detail—by item, customer, region, and more—simply by drilling down. This visibility saves time for your planners by letting them focus on the areas of your business that need the most attention.

Your demand planning team can:

  • View and manage all inventory in your supply chain network.
  • Constrain orders by shipping capacities, seasonality, material shortages, labor, and warehouse space.
  • See demand forecasts, history, and on-hand inventory all in one screen.
  • Forecast for any time unit, for any item in one database.
  • Use the most sophisticated algorithms without dealing with their complexity.

Form a Consolidated Product View for Better Decision-Making

With Demand Solutions DSX, you can define your product family structures and combine groups of items into a consolidated view that facilitates better inventory planning and decision-making. As soon as you go live, you can define and create your own product families, reflecting the dynamic ways your managers across departments view your business. From there, you can easily get accurate answers to any question.

Add Insight to Your Inventory Forecasting and Demand Planning

Don't take the 80/20 principle for granted in your sales and inventory forecasting. Demand Solutions DSX offers ABC analysis that can rank any element of your business — such as items, customers, or product families — to help you identify profitable opportunities and weed out underperformers.

Manage New Products Objectively

Forecast new or repositioned products with ease. Demand Solutions DSX lets you forecast new products by cloning the demand pattern from similar products. You can then update your forecasts by applying initial sales. You also get the tools to closely manage product phase-outs and phase-ins.

Fine-Tune Your Planning Process

Across your company, many managers will offer their insight and influence outcomes. That's why Demand Solutions DSX accepts varied inputs — including customer sales forecasts, management overrides, anecdotal notes about future developments, and promotional curves — to help ensure detailed, accurate sales forecasts.

Deploy Dashboards for Better Response

Demand Solutions DSX contains all the sales forecasting data you need for smart business decisions. Customizable dashboards give your planners the visibility to make quick decisions and to present sales forecasting information in the many formats that forecasting and demand management require.

Exchange Data with Any ERP System

Manufacturers and distributors use Demand Solutions DSX as the demand forecasting front end to virtually every ERP package. It's easy to interface Demand Solutions with your existing systems and to move your data into and out of the platform. You can point and click to define the data you're importing or exporting, and use an intuitive tool to script your repetitive procedures.

See how Demand Solutions DSX is enabling demand planning success for thousands of companies.

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