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“It was quite a shock when Demand Solutions identified an excess of $14 million. Though the reality was difficult to digest, Demand Solutions kept our inventory problem from spiraling out of control and helped us take deliberate action in advance of the recession.”

Sean Carolan, Director of Retail Planning and Replenishment
Rafaella Apparel Group

Challenges in the Apparel Supply Chain

With few exceptions – perhaps black socks – apparel is fashion; and fashion means change, even for the replenishment side of your business. In what Bloomberg Businessweek declares “the new abnormal,” consumers are splurging on a few luxury items, and then eliminating other spending entirely to pay for them.

This situation, coupled with a recession in which it is more important than ever to catch sales declines quickly to avoid costly overstocks, presents today’s manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with the most challenging market conditions in years. Factor in long lead times for offshore manufacturing and the necessity to meet retailers' requirements for timely and complete delivery – often reinforced with penalties – and you can see the difficulty of forecasting inventory for the apparel supply chain.

With Demand Solutions’ highly accurate forecasting algorithms and dynamic time-phased replenishment plans for apparel supply chain management, apparel marketers can reduce inventory, improve service levels, phase out obsolete styles and lines, and launch new products. Our users report reductions in inventory and related savings in warehousing and shipping costs, improved service levels, enhanced size scale management, and ROI – all in a matter of months.

Demand Solutions lets apparel industry supply chain professionals like you manage forecasts by style and execute plans by SKU. You’re in control of your supply chain – from greige to finished goods.

You want software that lets you apply your business wisdom wherever it’s needed. That’s why we complement our sophisticated algorithms with the ability to incorporate human insight.

Solutions for Apparel Supply Chain and Fashion Supply Chain Management

With Demand Solutions apparel supply chain and fashion supply chain planning software, you can:

  • Generate, manage, and collaborate on reliably accurate forecasts
  • Analyze sales history and forecasts in units, revenues, margin, or any other unit of measure
  • Automatically respond to seasonality, shifting growth trends, and product mix transitions
  • Objectively manage new product introductions
  • Forecast by SKU at the customer level and summarize in total by SKU, customer, sales channel, region, product family, supplier, and more
  • Track, report, and systematically improve forecast accuracy and customer service performance
  • Manage product lifecycle transitions from season to season
  • Shape up your supply chain with time-phased visibility into forecasts, inventories, customer orders, and in-transit goods
  • Generate sourcing plans that keep inventories in sync with ever-changing forecasts and static capacity constraints
  • Drive an effective sales and operations planning process


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