Demand Solutions is the most cost-effective system for collaborating with vendors and customers, allowing you to optimize the costs of your extended enterprise without breaking your IT budget. Demand Solutions creates shared information streams that give you better control of our inventory and planning processes, resulting in increased sales and significant margin gains.


Learn how Applegate, one of the largest U.S. suppliers of antibiotic- and preservative-free meats, is driving 20 to 25% annual business growth. Having switched from supply planning with pencil, paper and Lotus Notes to using forecasting software, the company is reaching new levels of productivity and success.

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Argosy Trading

Argosy Trading Company, the biggest retail grocery supplier in Cyprus, trades manual forecasting for Demand Solutions Forecast Management, resulting in better business processes and better control of promotions and seasonality.

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Ceres Beverage

A Demand Solutions user since 2000, Ceres has become skilled at forecasting. As its business grew, supply chain planners at Ceres realized they needed even more detailed demand forecasting across major customers, brand volume rebate groups, pack sizes and product groups based on weekly, monthly and quarterly demand views. The answer was Demand Solutions DSX.

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East Africa Breweries

When an empty crate containing 25 beer bottles is worth 760 Kenyan Shillings ($12/€7), the likelihood of a customer returning it for credit towards future beer purchases is high.

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Edward Snell & Co., Ltd.

Like many businesses in South Africa, the country's oldest family-owned liquor company Edward Snell & Co. Ltd. is feeling an increased pressure to reduce cost in order to offset the inflation rate that has recently climbed into double digits.

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Snack Brands Australia

Learn how Snack Brands Australia, the second-leading snack supplier in the nation, is targeting a 5% increase in forecast accuracy, 20% reduction in safesty stock and 4% reduction in waste.  All in hopes of becoming the number one-leading snack supplier in Australia.

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Demand Solutions is the competitive advantage for pharmaceutical companies– allowing them to broaden market space

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