Achieve the full promise of S&OP with IBP software that keeps everyone in the loop

As the natural evolution of sales and operations planning (S&OP), integrated business planning (IBP) is all about keeping a broad team of stakeholders connected and informed. Demand Solutions DSX eliminates data silos to help you benefit from everyone’s business insights. You get the tools you need to eliminate organizational silos, involve more colleagues and partners in supply chain decisions, and make faster progress on your journey to supply chain excellence.

Demand Solutions DSX features collaboration tools that let you unleash the power of real-time communication in ways that keep your business moving forward.

And because DSX runs in the cloud, you can get powerful IBP and S&OP software without making an up-front investment in software licenses and implementation.

Use IBP Software to Increase Collaboration with Your Suppliers

Integrated business planning entails involving your extended supply chain in every business decision. Rather than simply focusing on the knowledge and data of your own company—as in traditional S&OP—you can add external input and visibility into all your planning processes and more effectively share your needs with your collaborators.

For example, IBP software helps your network react more quickly to your needs by gathering the signals you’re getting from your customers and sharing this data with supply chain partners. You’ll not only increase the chances of getting good service from these partners, but also help the partners gain better control of their own supply chains.

Tailor Your Software to Your S&OP or Integrated Business Planning Process

Most planning tools follow strict methodologies that make the S&OP or integrated business planning process unnecessarily complicated. Demand Solutions DSX is flexible enough to adapt to your management preferences.

With DSX you can:

  • Customize rows to meet your specific requirements
  • Identify gaps, deviations, and trends easily
  • Provide executive information at whatever product-family or business levels of detail your management team needs

Create Dynamic Business Plans for Greater Precision

Most companies create an annual plan — but then rarely revisit it. Demand Solutions DSX adds value to this process by enabling you to create annual fiscal business plans that are dynamic and easy to change mid-course. You can look at best- and worst-case forecasts (or any level in between) as you build strategies and contingencies that will allow you to change your behavior as hard sales numbers become available. You can also run "what-if" scenarios based on any assumptions you specify.

Spot Gaps as You Drive Your Business Forward

Every good S&OP process begins with good forecast management. Demand Solutions DSX establishes a common repository of necessary information for the planning process, including forecast management data, inventory planning information, shipments and production. The system allows you to combine data from sales, marketing, production, procurement, transportation, and finance for a unified view. You can eliminate dueling spreadsheets by working from a single set of numbers for truly integrated business planning.

With DSX, you can see exceptions between your business plan and the plans dynamically generated in the planning tool. The exception alerts are color-coded so you can easily spot problems. A robust search capability allows you to identify, by exception, the families or business units in which user-defined levels of deviations are occurring.

Find Answers with What-If Scenarios

What would be the effect of an economic downturn on your business? What would be the impact if you closed or lost a plant—or added a new sales territory?

In Demand Solutions DSX, you can run what-if scenarios to find the answers, and then make and save changes to your planning assumptions in the existing plan. You can simulate new business scenarios and quantify their impact on production, inventory, and backlog. Year-end projections are continuously updated to help you focus on fiscal year performance. You can save and refresh custom views as new data becomes available, and record and incorporate assumptions within a notepad for future reference.

See how Demand Solutions DSX is enabling S&OP and integrated business planning success for thousands of companies.

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