Predictive Lead Time

Overcome Lead Time Variability with Predictive Lead Time Software

Lead time variability is an ongoing challenge for any supply chain planner. You always aim to order supplies so they will arrive just in time to be used. But because lead times vary by season, this goal is difficult – if not impossible – to achieve. How can you shorten lead time and avoid storing inventory for weeks or months? Demand Solutions' predictive lead time software module can tell you exactly when you should order supplies or products to have them arrive for a date you specify.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Lead Time Management

Until now, there has never been a foolproof way to manage lead time. If you rely on your forecasts, you'll always be wrong. If you make decisions based on what was true last month or last year, you'll leave your entire supply chain vulnerable to unexpected changes.

Supply chain planners never used to worry about lead times as long as they were consistent. But as supply chains become increasingly global, they're anything but consistent because numerous geographic variables are coming into play. And when an unexpected problem arises in a product, it can affect the destination of countless containers of supplies currently on a ship or plane, or in a factory.

Demand Solutions' predictive lead time management module in its DSX platform help you overcome lead time variability for all your purchasing decisions. They track every line item of every transaction and run the data through a forecasting engine. They then can generate a lead time for any item in any month of the year, and no matter the season. You will know that, due to seasonal fluctuations in production, you may need to order an item six weeks early for a July 1 delivery date, but only three weeks early for a September 15 delivery. In short, you'll always know exactly when to purchase any item to have it available for a specific date.

Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Having predictive lead time data at your fingertips can not only help you shorten lead time, but also reduce risk within your supply chain. Recent years of stagnation in the global economy probably caused you to consolidate as much of your purchasing as possible with your lowest-cost suppliers. But what happens if a bankruptcy or natural disaster leaves a supplier unable to produce products for weeks or months?

Demand Solutions' predictive lead time management module lets you run sophisticated analytics on the performance of your vendors so you can identify unhealthy trends before they become major problems. When you get early warnings of trends such as lengthened time-to-fill or higher rates of product defects, you can take corrective actions that prevent potential disruptions to your supply chain.

Start Conquering Lead Time Variability Today

Your traditional supply chain planning system may offer many features, but chances are it can't help you shorten lead time or address lead time variability. Take advantage of Demand Solutions' predictive lead time software to protect your business against uncertainty and risk. Call Demand Management today at 800-886-3737 to find out more.


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