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Reduce Cycle Times with a SocialTM Supply Chain Solution

There’s a new generation of employees, and they’re online all the time. When they need information, they’ll open a browser rather than pick up a phone. They use mobile devices to stay connected to the web long after the traditional workday is done. By tapping into this opportunity, you can increase collaboration and productivity among all your supply chain stakeholders. The key is to build a social supply chain that allows users to leverage intuitive social functionality to communicate with each other in real time.

Demand Solutions incorporates into its DSX platform the functionality that makes social media supply chain management possible. By integrating the highly popular Yammer enterprise social media platform, we put tools at your fingertips that let you unleash the power of real-time communication to keep your business moving forward. 

Enable “Always-On” Communication

The typical manufacturer or distributor’s business is becoming increasingly global. If your company is like most, you’ve found that you can often get much better prices – and a wider selection – on many components by looking beyond your borders. But once you go global, communication becomes more challenging. Due to time-zone differences, your email to a supplier in China will probably reach them during their off hours – and their reply may arrive over your weekend. Thus, each round of communication will include hours or days of needless delay, even as your deadlines draw closer.

In a social supply chain, all participants can use today’s social media platforms, rather than email, to collaborate. Demand Management makes this possible by providing native social functionality in its applications. With the integration of Yammer – a leading enterprise social network used by 85% of the Fortune 500 – Demand Solutions now helps you to use the information you already have available to run your business more effectively.

Enhance Supply Chain Flow

Even the most finely-tuned supply chains experience disruptions on a regular basis. When you want to know why your materials are delayed, you can use Demand Solutions to see whether a particular stakeholder is online, click on the stakeholder’s name, and send a message for a speedy response. By sharing supply chain information in real time, manufacturers and distributors can eliminate barriers associated with working in vastly different time zones.

Streamline Planning with SocialTM SCM

Your monthly planning process doesn’t have to take weeks to complete. Shave cycle times off your sales and operations planning activities with Demand Solutions. Our social supply chain management functionality helps your stakeholders collaborate in real time so they can get more done outside of status meetings. With Demand Solutions, you provide for all your participants to logon to the same real-time view of your business and share information in a secure environment. And because Yammer can automatically translate each message into your choice of 28 languages, stakeholders can easily communicate with partners in the far corners of the globe.

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We’ve rewritten our entire technology stack to incorporate the very best that modern computing technology has to offer. This strategy enables us to offer socialTM SCM functionality that you probably won’t find in your current supply chain planning platform. To learn more about Demand Solutions and the social supply chain, call 800-886-3737 today.

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