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Enhance Every Decision with a SCM BI Solution

You've spent years building up your most valuable supply chain relationships. And you've invested in supply chain business intelligence (SCM BI) to provide you with insights and analysis on the overall health of your business. But if you've ever tried to implement supply chain intelligence in-house, you know it can be a complicated task for your IT team – and at the end of the process, there's no guarantee you'll be tracking the right metrics.

That's why Demand Management delivers native supply chain business intelligence in its DSX software. This functionality works closely with our predictive lead time feature to give you real-time insight into what matters most to your bottom line. You can view your overall business results at a high level, and then drill down to learn more in seconds about the individual challenges or opportunities that are making the greatest impact on your business health.

Easily View and Analyze Data

In many manufacturing or distribution businesses, data resides in disconnected databases across the company. Decision-makers who want to go beyond spreadsheets commonly have tried to implement one of the many BI solutions on the market. But how can you integrate these solutions with your whole range of supply chain applications for a complete, accurate view of your business?

Demand Solutions eliminates this challenge by integrating supply chain business intelligence right into its data tables. That means you can easily extract rich data from a multidimensional cube and present it in a meaningful web-based view. From there, you can use this data to inform all your business decisions.

Minimize Risk with Supply Chain Business Intelligence

Once you've used the native SCM BI of the Demand Solutions platform to establish a comprehensive view of your business performance, you can begin to do more than just optimize inventory levels or consolidate business with your lowest-cost suppliers – you can actually begin to turn your supply chain into a value chain. For example, suppose you're trying to minimize supplier risk. Demand Solutions enables you to mine all your data on vendor performance so you can instantly identify – in an intuitive web-based format – any "red flags" in your current supply chain. The platform also makes it easy to share this information with all your employees, partners, suppliers and customers as needed.

Leverage Our Best Practice Experience

With Demand Solutions' supply chain business intelligence, you won't be on your own as you get started with analytics. We deliver industry-focused Foundation Analytical Packs that let you benefit from our years of best-practice experience as you get your SCM BI program up and running. Simply implement the Analytical Pack that's right for your industry, and you'll eliminate the need to hire a large IT team, build your own data cube, integrate it with your supply chain planning database, and go through months of trial and error to identify your most important information. But you'll maintain the flexibility to customize your analytics to the unique needs of your company – without spending hours writing reports or asking your IT department for help.

Demand Solutions offers Foundation Analytical Packs for the following industries:

Get Started Today

Demand Solutions' supply chain business intelligence functionality is integrated with the Demand Solutions DSX platform. Whether you're a current Demand Solutions DSX customer or are using another supply chain planning solution, don't wait to learn more about SCM BI. Call Demand Management today at 800-886-3737 for more information.

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