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Supply Chain Management in a Complex Environment

If supply chain management were a single discipline, it would be relatively simple to tackle. Your organization could probably implement one software application and then enjoy the benefits of greater efficiency and fewer errors. But as anyone in the industry knows, managing a supply chain actually encompasses a broad range of business processes that involve countless stakeholders.

To master supply chain management, your organization must focus on:

  • Provisioning raw materials and components. It's an increasingly global marketplace. Your suppliers aren't always located just up the highway anymore—they may be halfway around the globe. How can you get the most out of each supplier relationship in terms of quality, cost, and service times?
  • Understanding demand. A sale is a sale—or is it? Many companies simply generate this year's forecast based on last year's sales figures. But companies that really want to avoid stock-outs on one extreme and overstocks on the other will look beyond sales data for the hidden clues about how much demand truly exists all year long.
  • Optimizing lead times. Most customers will be reasonably satisfied if you deliver when you promised. But delivering on time isn't as easy as it sounds—especially considering the increase in global suppliers and the greater complexity of many of today's products.
  • Measuring results. There's an old saying in business that what gets measured gets done. That's why it's so important to not only track data on lead times, cost per unit, and days sales outstanding, but also incorporate business intelligence into every business decision.
  • Making constant improvements. It used to be enough for the supply chain team to compile data in spreadsheets and hold quarterly meetings about how they could tighten up the operation. Today's intensely competitive environment demands that more stakeholders get involved in the performance of the supply chain, and requires that virtually every department of the business contribute to and learn from the results the supply chain generates.
  • Managing the extended supply chain. When it comes to your supply chain, maintaining an inward focus and managing your internal business operations is not sufficient. You need to get collaborative. The best organizations are aligned with their customers and their customers' customers. They're also aligned with their suppliers and their suppliers' suppliers. Creating integration across the supply chain is a challenge and opportunity for every business.

Your Complete Platform for Supply Chain Management


To manage all the competing priorities of a supply chain, you need more than spreadsheets or even point solutions—you need a full supply chain management platform. And that's what Demand Solutions delivers.

Demand Solutions provides a full range of solutions that enable you to manage all aspects of your global supply chain. Just as importantly, we offer three flexible levels of deployment for our robust supply chain management software:

  • Demand Solutions DS1 for companies that want to implement supply chain planning software quickly within a developing IT infrastructure.
  • Demand Solutions DSX for companies that want to go beyond core SCM functionality and implement a robust supply chain planning platform that runs on industry-leading Microsoft technology.
  • Demand Solutions SaaS for companies that want to access full supply chain management functionality without buying software licenses and planning an implementation.

Learn more about Demand Solutions' supply chain management software.

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